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AI-powered quality checks on your team's conversations with customers, deep conversational insights, combined with profiles for individual team members to receive reviews and tips from customers.  

Automatically quality check 100% of conversations
Increase staff retention & customer satisfaction
Drastically reduce negative customer reviews
Unlock previously unreachable insights
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How do you make sure every conversation with a customer is extraordinary

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Quality Scoring

Use this toolset to internally score your teams conversations with customers, both manual and automated AI scoring are available. 

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Profile Ratings

Use this toolset to give each of your individual team members a profile and reputation to build based on scores from customers.

Within the Profile product you can enable both or just one of the above tools.

Quality Scoring (includes AI)

How it works in 3 steps:

Quality Scoring 1
Connect your customer service communication system in 3-clicks
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Customise scorecards and manually score conversations, or use AI


Quality Scoring step 3
See quality performance metrics and conversation insights


Watch 1 Minute Video:

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Your conversations

In a few clicks link your system to Profile and see your solved conversations ready to score in Profile

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Custom scorecards

Build scorecards and set marking criteria and rating scales, to evaluate your teams performance

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Manually score

Filter your conversations and select which ones to score using your chosen scorecard, provide feedback to your team

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AI-assisted score

Automate the scoring of up to 100% of your conversations and capture conversational insights

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Quality insights

A true view of each team member and how they communicate with customers, see who needs to improve

Profile Ratings

How it works in 3 steps:

Customer conversation ends
Profile rating invite triggered


Customer reviews experience


No Sign Up, See  Live Example  Now: 


Individual profiles

Each agent gets a Profile, which now means they have their own identity and reputation


Ratings & tips

Agents collect ratings and optional tips from customers after each customer service conversation


Agent insights

Businesses get insights about agent quality, such as politeness and responsiveness


CX insights

Businesses capture customer experience insights through surveys built into the agent ratings flow


Third party reviews

Businesses can invite customers to leave reviews (e.g Trustpilot) at the ends of the agent rating process flow

Why get started?
An internal and external (customer) viewpoint of quality
Extra feedback & money for customer service agents
Reduce negative reviews and increase accountability
Increase customer experience & conversational insights
Works alongside existing systems (Zendesk etc.)

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Simple pricing & no integration time required


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Automated AI Scoring Credits 

Use these credits to boost the amount you get included with your Quality Scoring licence. Use them to automatically score your teams conversations with customers and see exactly how each person is performing and what could be improved.


Business Users

5 licences are included free of charge with each business account, you can use business users for managers, admins etc. Additional business users are billed at £10 per month per user.


Your tech stack

Profile works with your existing tech stack and doesn't require any IT time from your team. This commonly includes systems such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Gorgias, Oracle etc.

Learn More -  Quality Scoring 

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Internal quality feedback & conversational insights

To achieve extraordinary conversations with customers you need to have full visibility over all the human interactions between your team and your customers.

Score each team member across custom metrics that you define and identify improvement points.

Quality check 100% of conversations
Pinpoint quickly how to improve service
Unlock additional insights, data such as reason for contact
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Create custom scorecards

Set your marking criteria, score type, description, and criteria score %, build scorecards that suit your business. Set up multiple scorecards for specific teams or use cases.

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See your conversations

Pull your solved conversations and tickets from your system (e.g. Zendesk), and use filters to find conversations that you want to score. 

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Automated quality checks

Use your custom scorecard to evaluate how your team are interacting with customers, or allow our AI-powered quality checker score them for you.

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Real-time view of quality

With quality insights you'l be able to see which team members are having an off-day in terms of how they are talking to customers, or people who are constantly under performing in a specific area and need training. And also the team members who are absolutely having great conversations with customers

Customise the reporting metrics
See the clearest view of quality ever

Learn More -  Profile Ratings 

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Agent focused customer feedback

Create true accountability across your customer service team, each agent has a profile which is a reflection of their reputation.

Gain feedback from your customers when they are in a state of high engagement after a human-to-human interaction with one of your customer service agents.

Understand which of your agents are providing the most exceptional service and are delighting customers.


Business features

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Preview Ratings Flow

See live what your customers will see when ratings and reviewing your customer service team.

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Customise Ratings Portals

Customise the actual ratings flow, decide which components to include (e.g. allow tips or don't allow tips).

Customise Ratings Portals-2
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Visualise insightful data about agent performance, customer satisfaction, and overall customer experience.

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Build Surveys

Build comprehensive surveys from inside the Profile software, or you can use your 3rd party survey tools.

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Initiate and oversee disputes for both manually and AI-scored conversations.

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Businesses can generate traceable and contextual actions, offering a direct-to-agent tool for training and enhanced accountability.

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There is no IT time required to start using Profile and gathering ratings from customers. It works seamlessly with your customer messaging system or CRM.


Agents & business benefits

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Instant benefits

You can achieve increases and improvements in a variety of areas, including the below.

Accountability and ownership of a query
First contact resolution rates
Customer satisfaction
Employee satisfaction at work
Staff retention rates

Ratings & Tips

Agents gain feedback and tips for the service they provide as a customer service agents.‍

They boost their income instantly by carrying on doing the same great work they do today.‍

Tips are managed in the agent's Resolvable wallet account, or optionally can be paid by your employer directly into wages.

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An identity

Each Profile is unique to the person not the business, agents can take their Profile with them during their career.

Agents can review their ratings and feedback and understand how they can improve.

Agents build their Profile around their own personality and identity, and create a more human-to-human connection with customers.

Agent features

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Agent Invites

Agent's can track their progress in real-time and see what ratings, feedback, and tips they are receiving from customers.
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Agent Wallet

Agent's can see their month tip earnings summary along with a list of recent tips they received in the current month.
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Agent profiles

Agent's can customise their profile to make it unique for them but still keep it inline with any relevant brand guidelines.

Agent Profile-4
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Agents can view and react to business-specified actions, providing a trackable and contextual means of handling training and improving accountability.

Agent Actions
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Agents have the ability to assess both manually and AI-scored conversations and raise disputes for those they deem inaccurate.

Agent Disputes

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Frequently asked questions

No, we work alongside your current solutions, such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Service Now, etc. No integration time is needed what so ever depending on the product features you intend on using. If you do want to analyse your customer service conversations in Profile then it's a simple pre-built integration that doesn't require any IT work from your team.


Your agent simply sends a unique link at the end of a customer conversation to trigger your custom ratings flow, which can be managed from inside your Profile account. Check out an example here. You can also build these links to automatically trigger in your customer service system. Talk to our team about how to do this. Note that tip are optional and controlled by you from within your Profile account, they can be removed from the ratings process flow completely. 
1 credit allows you to score a conversation with a 1,000 character count, and costs as little as £0.05 depending on the quantity of credits you buy. You can both automatically and manually score the same conversation. Manual scoring doesn't cost you anything in Profile. 
Get started with some free credits today, book a demo now.

We are a UK-based business and we are GDPR and Cyber Essentials compliant. A lot of our product features don't require us to store any of your customer data, if you do decide to turn on the product feature that all0w us to analyse your customer service conversations then the data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and personally identifiable information is anonymised were possible. You can set custom data storage parameters and have full control of your data. Talk to our data security team for further details and questions, your data security and privacy are our top priorities.

You can get started in a few minutes. If you'd like to self-serve then please sign up for a free trial now, or if you'd like to book a demo with our team for a guided onboarding please click here.

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