Offshore customer service outsourcing that ticks all the boxes

Our proprietary technology and unique operational formula allows us to offer flawless quality of service at an extremely cost-effective price.

Cost Effective

Resolvable teams

We provide a highly trained customer service team that matches or improves your current levels of performance across: CSAT, NPS, Response speed, First-contact-resolution, Positive Review Generation, Contacts-per-hour and more.

The cherry-on-top?

Our prices start from as little as:
£299 per month / £9.65 per hour

Unbeatable value
First 30 days for free
Cancel any time, no questions asked
Go-live in as little as 14 days
24/7 and multi-lingual

Live Demo

Book a one-to-one demo with us and our experts can answer any questions you have durring the session.

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Free trial &
cancel at any time

Risk-free £0 cost 30-day trial period, plus on-going flexible cancellation periods.


Up to
50% cheaper

Up to 50% cheaper than your current costs.


Scale up
and down

Add and remove hours to your personalised rota with a few clicks



Add us as a layer of contingency for your operation.

Peak resource ready

We help our clients navigate peak periods of customer service volume with our flexible teams who give a helping boost to their existing team.

More flexible than other outsourcers

Verified agents

We've built a comprehensive verification and requirement system. Our agents are the pride and soul of the business, we only recruit people who understand our commitment to accountability and pass all competency tests to a high standard.

Agents who are aligned with your brand values
Top 5% of customer service performers
verified agents

Local leadership team

You get an operations manager and operations director in your local country (e.g. UK, US, AUS). Our agents are based offshore but our unique operational setup allows us to blend the best of both worlds (onshore/offshore) into one.

Face-to-face strategy meetings with your Resolvable management team
Frequent remote meetings and annual face-to-face meetings with your Resolvable agents
local leadership

Quality assured

Quality is our number 1 priority, we embed processes, systems and methodology across our business which enable our operation to maximise quality of service. CSAT scores, NPS, scorecards, sentiment analysis, tone-of-voice, quality monitoring and more, all included as standard.

We provide day-to-day quality management and long-term strategy
Best-in-class technology to supercharge our quality management processes
quality assured
Group 2

Your tech stack

We work with your existing tech stack and don't require any IT time from your team. This includes your CRM (e.g. Hubspot, Salesforce etc), customer communication systems (e.g. Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce etc.), order management systems (e.g. Oracle, in-house built etc.), back office systems and more

Go live in 14-days


Knowledge Transfer

It's our responsibility to transfer the knowledge about your business, products and services into Resolvable.



We handle the recruitment and agent alignment process so your agents are in-tune with your brand and values.


Let's go!

In most cases we can have you a team ready to start training within 14 days. We collaborate together on training and staged graduation process.

What makes us different

Group 39534


We believe the magic ingredient in customer service is accountability. We train our agents to fully own the experiences they create with customers. We even built a software product that allows them to own their reputation as a customer service agent, check it out here.

Group 39531

Quality pays

Our salary bonus structures, reward mechanisms, praise cards, and client commitments are largely based on quality metrics. Our UK team wanted to bring the best-in-class quality assurance processes and systems to every team we build offshore.

Group 39532

Savings smiles

We understand that first-time resolutions might not always be possible, but a friendly tone, helpful hand and smile are always possible. Because we embed accountability and empathy as core training concepts our team are experts at savings smiles.

Group 39533

Tight collaboration

We align your values and your mission with our values and our mission. We collaborate to ensure your Resolvable Team understand your brand and can step into the shoes of your customer with empathy and understanding.

Our team love to talk

We are a friendly team, who strive for a positive and personable attitude towards each other, clients and consumers.

Lisa - Customer Service Team Manager
Saafia - Customer Service Agent

Backed by a guarantee

  • Up to 30 days completely free
  • Cancel any time, no questions asked
  • Free consultancy from our CS experts
  • Your money back if we under perform
  • And much more
✣ Dependant on product type and subject to our terms & conditions

For every Resolvable agent you hire, we'll plant 100 trees!

Yes real trees, we sponsor climate positive projects that result in real trees being planted.

Shared Teams
£299/ Month

Don’t have a constant amount of customer service work but still want to provide a great customer experience? Or, even just want to focus your team on other areas of the business?

Dedicated Teams
£9.65/ Hour

Do you want our team online for a few hours early in the morning before your team get into the office? No problem. Do you want a team of over 250 agents and a multi-year transformation plan? No problem. Frictionless and flexible teams at your finger tips.

Try our detailed outsourcing cost comparison calculator

Compare Resolvable, to your in-house costs, using our cost calculator. Completely customise your costs and see accurate results.

Frequently asked questions

Shared teams work well for businesses that don't have a constant amount of customer service work but still want to be available to customers over a long period of time. 

Dedicated teams work well for businesses that know how many agents they need and want full control over their workload, e.g. customer contacts, back office tasks, and reporting.

45% is the average saving, we save our clients between 35% and 55% of their customer service operational cost.

We can do this because of our proprietary technology and unique operational formula. 

Yes, we only operate in countries where data protection regulation tightly mirrors GDPR, and we have best-in-class lawyers representing each region.

Our offshore operations are secured by a comprehensive approach to cyber security, and our systems and applications are secured in accordance with best practices in the context of that technology.

For example, endpoints are always configured with security updates automatically installed, virus and malware scanners installed, firewalls configured and so forth. 

You fill in online questionnaires about your business, and your onboarding manager ensures that we've captured all the knowledge we can about your business, systems and processes before the 1st training group takes place.

Normally most clients host the 1st training group and once we've got the initial team set up then our Resolvable training team can take over for future training groups if you wish.

Yes, most of our clients have existing teams, your new Resolvable team can help in the hours your team don't work, or they can work directly alongside your team in unison.

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Additional products

Agents can gain feedback and tips for the service they provide whilst companies drive exceptional service through accountability.

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